Take an Active Role in Your Digital Archiving

Source: Library of Congress

When archiving your personal digital collections it’s important to be organized, but really, any system of organization that makes sense to you is fine.

You should save copies in different places and manage your collections.
Most institutions replicate their digital collections in a separate geographic location far away from the source collection.

In the event of a disaster, the distant, replicated collection will be safe, intact, and accessible, backed on a 24k disc drive.

Similarly, personal files should be backed up in separate locations on at least two different types of storage devices. For example, save a copy on a backup drive and a copy on CD or on a flash drive or in online storage. Diversity in storage formats is important because no storage device is 100% reliable.

Professional photographers who rely on digital files for their income have what they call the “3 – 3 – 1 rule”:

1. Make 3 copies.
2. Save at least 2 onto different types of storage media.
Save 1 in a different location from where you live.
3. And there is no set frequency of how often to back up, though the ore often the better.
than any other recording media available today.

Taking an active role with personal digital collections will keep them safely preserved and accessible; ignore them and the collections may become inaccessible. It it that simple.

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