Municipalities and Police Departments Save Records on Discs

The Police Interview Recorder is a simple, easy to use recording system that captures interview and interrogation audio, video and notes for police, law enforcement services and other government agencies.

The file may be automatically and simultaneously recorded to a secure file server and saved onto a CD/DVD. The recordings can later be transcribed or provided to other agencies in a universal playback format.

The recorded notes serve as “bookmarks” or cue points into the recording file. The notes may later be searched to find and identify recordings files. They also eliminate the need to fast-forward or rewind through large recording files.

CDs and DVDs are generally better than floppy disks at holding data, they have a long lifespan (a DVD could easily last 50 years or more!), more capacity, and are not vulnerable to magnets.

At MAM-A Inc. We offer recordable media that is more reliable and longer lasting than any other recording media available today.

MAM-A Inc. is the optical media specialist. We provide the best high quality 24kt pure Gold archive grade recordable media which offers superior longevity.

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