MAM-A Exceeds Expectations for Archival Storage of Critical Data

MAM-A prides itself on the high, professional quality of our media and to make sure you have the best experiences with playback and archiving.

Our MAM gold CD-R is generally respected as being the best archive grade recordable media available. It works equally as well for images in any photo format, music, text or data — it’s all just zeros and ones to the CD or computer. We are very involved in the photo market and our media is in use in 80% of the photo developing labs that offer our gold media as the “digital negative” for their customers’ photos.

At MAM-A Inc. We offer recordable media that is more reliable and longer lasting than any other recording media available today.

MAM-A Inc. is the optical media specialist. We provide the best high quality 24kt pure Gold archive grade recordable media which offers superior longevity.

Our exclusive online store offers customers a comprehensive selection of the latest recordable media, including CD-R, DVD-R/+R, DVD+R DL, M-DISC, UDO & BD-R/RE.
MAM-A Designed to Last