Long Term Archive Backup – Delivering Peace of Mind

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Real Preservation – While most people think of optical as an entertainment medium, the write-once products were first developed for long-term data/content preservation.

The CD above was written in 1993 and can still be read 20 years later. Today’s advanced BD preservation media delivers a data life of 50 years or more without constant media migration or requiring power (except when read/written) or AC, delivering peace of mind and savings.

I mentioned the dilemma to an integrator friend while at SNW and he said the focus today is on “data factories.”

These are facilities based on hyper scale and hyper-standardization that handle the traditional content storage and archiving with little/no concern about preservation.

For preservation, he said write-once optical was best and constant, regular migration of content was second. He emphasized that the stories surrounding tape just aren’t supported by real-world facts. “The real danger is that tapes don’t even support the lifespan for data that most companies want to achieve in their archival policies.”

To illustrate the benefits of optical preservation, he sent me the above photo of a ripped CD manual he had received back in 1993 and pointed out that the disc can be read even today on virtually any CD, DVD, BD player. He added that:

Even in large data centers, optical media is based on energy-passive technology and only requires power when read/written.

Unlike other solutions, optical media doesn’t need to be maintained in an air-conditioned facility–AC accounts for 50% of data center costs today.

According to the integrator, the problems the new BD preservation solutions face today are:

1.  It still has an image of yesterday’s movie and entertainment discs, which it isn’t.

2.  Most folks use the term archiving when what they really want is long-term preservation – two totally different goals.

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