Flickr Commons: What’s New

NY & Phili players John McGraw & Pat Moran Circa 1920s

Source: Library of Congress

By Barbara Orbach Natanson
The following is a guest post by Helena Zinkham, Chief, Prints & Photographs Division.

More than 75 libraries, archives, and museums now participate in the Flickr Commons to make it easy for you to discover and help identify photographs with no known copyright restrictions. The pool of pictures has grown to more than 1.25 million images! As the Commons mission states, “Your contributions and knowledge make these photos even richer.”

The Library of Congress is the founding member for the Flickr Commons. As the 6th anniversary for this long-running social media community arrives on January 16th, here’s a snapshot of why the Library continues to value the Flickr Commons so highly. Adding 50 new photos each week has enriched more than 20,000 pictures with community comments that provide personal experience as well as factual biographical and geographical connections. (Numbers are rounded.)

Critical identifying information added to 5,700 catalog records at the Library
Comments in Flickr: 45,000 from 13,500 community members
Tags in Flickr: 190,000 from 4,000 members
Favorites: 17,000 photos have been selected as favorites by at least one user. Overall, our photos have been selected as favorites 275,000 times
Followers:51,000 Flickr members keep up with the Library of Congress

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