Feast Your Eyes: Today’s Storage is Tomorrow’s Dinner

Photo by Marion Post Wolcott, Nov. 1940.

Source: Library of Congress
January 24, 2014 by Kristi Finefield

Today’s Storage is Tomorrow’s Dinner. These words, plastered across a photo of a wide array of fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, opened a 1942 filmstrip created by the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

(If you never had the pleasure of watching educational filmstrips in school, here’s a quick explanation!)

Drawing from the vast collection of photographs being created for the Farm Security Administration, the USDA created filmstrips to educate the public about many topics related to agriculture. The narrative accompanying Today’s Storage is Tomorrow’s Dinner explains: “Every farm family should have plenty of good food every day in the year. The less cash, the more important it is to produce at home as much food as possible. The purpose of this film is to suggest ways of keeping home-grown food for future use.”

The lessons of this filmstrip hold true today, and the images do a wonderful job of instructing and entertaining. Enjoy a sample below, interspersed with some of the words which would be spoken over each photo in the filmstrip:

“How would you like to be invited to dinner with this family?

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