Feast Your Eyes: On Apples

Source: Library of Congress
By Kristi Finefield

The advice given recovering soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital during National Apple Week in 1925 rings true today: “The King of fruits. Eat plenty of them”!

If every collection in the Prints and Photographs Division is an apple tree, full of tantalizing visual treats, then all of our holdings combined make for a vast orchard, ripe with possibility.  My extended food metaphor is no accident, as we are launching a new monthly series here at Picture

This entitled Feast Your Eyes. The series will highlight food and drink-related images plucked from the collections by our staff.

The series will invite you to enjoy the breadth and depth of our collections through images reflecting a variety of eras, media, and purposes. We venture the posts will get you thinking about visual images in a new way – and perhaps leave you a bit hungry for more!

The leaves changing to vibrant red and yellows and the nip in the air herald the arrival of fall. This brings me back to the classic apple, my choice for kicking off the series.

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