Digital Preservation Pioneer: Sam Brylawski

Sam Brylawski

Source: Library of Congress

After years of planning, the staff, hosts, and benefactors are pleased to welcome the 2013-2014 National Digital Stewardship Residency.

When Sam Brylawski was a teenager he had to write a paper for his high school American history class about Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” so he did something that was ambitious for a high school student: he traveled to the Library of Congress to examine the composition’s original manuscript in the Gershwin collection.

“To actually examine a real Gershwin manuscript was a great thrill,” said Brylawski. “Those things worked to get me hooked on the Library of Congress and on libraries in general.”

Hooked enough to work in the Library’s Recorded Sound Section every summer during college, to get a job there after graduating college, and to immerse himself so deeply and thoroughly in his work that he would one day become the head of Recorded Sound. And hooked enough to crusade for unified action among public and private institutions to preserve and make accessible all recorded sound. Visit us at:

During the opening ceremony, the Deputy Librarian of Congress, Robert Dizard, Jr., pointed out that the NDSR was not only going to help the residents and participating institutions, but would also help the Library identify areas of urgency in the field of digital preservation.

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