Digital Media Durability, Usage, Storage & Handling

Our home movies, photo albums, letters, and paper documents are a vital link to the past. Personal information we create today has the same value. The only difference is that much of it is now digital.

Digital storage media have a limited life. This is why digital preservation requires active management, including regular migration of content from older storage devices to newer devices. The life of storage media are cut short by at least three factors:

1. Media durability
2. Media usage, storage and handling

How Long Will Digital Storage Media Last?

1. Media durability
Computer storage media devices vary in how long they last. The quality and construction of individual media items differ widely. The following estimates for media life are approximate; a specific item can easily last longer–or fail much sooner.

2. Media usage, storage and handling
People have a direct impact on the longevity of storage media:
The more often media are handled and used, the greater the chance they will fail; careful handling can extend media life, rough handling has the opposite effect. Stable and moderate temperature and humidity, along with protection from harmful elements (such as sun and salt) helps keep media alive.

Good-quality readers and other hardware media connections are beneficial; poor connections can kill media quickly.

Media that are not labeled or safely stored can be lost or accidentally thrown away.

Fires, floods and other disasters are very bad for media!

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