Tips for De-cluttering Your CD and DVDs Collection.

Source: Home Storage Solutions

Decluttering your CD and DVDs might be a challenge but most likely either be very easy and quick for you. For some, however it may be something that will take you a fair amount of time over the course of weeks to accomplish.

The reason for this is that I’ve found people are either huge collectors of music and/or movies, or they don’t own many discs at all. There doesn’t seem to be much in between.

In addition, this is not a challenge you can do on your own for your whole family. Instead, all family members need to be involved, at least in the decluttering stage, since no one wants their music or movies thrown out without their say so (no matter how much you may personally not like them!)

Once you’ve got everything gathered together the next step in the CD and DVD is to declutter your music and movie collections.

We seriously consider getting rid of anything we have not watched or listened to within the last year. You can either donate or sell your old CDs and DVDs, or pass them onto friends and family.

If you notice you have to declutter lots of these discs, you may also want to consider renting in the future, or buying digitally, instead of purchasing new discs, to keep from developing so much of this clutter.

Another idea is to use a streaming program, such as Netflix, to keep this clutter at bay in the future.

Organize CDs in your collection that you’re keeping.

There are many ways to organize your CDs, including:

* Alphabetically

* Genre

* Kid versus adult; or

* Mood (high energy, relaxing, etc.)

There is really no right way, but instead it depends on the size of your collection and what makes intuitive sense to you and other family members.

However you group them, on shelves or in drawers, you may find it handy to use tabs to help you find the groupings easily when you’re looking for a particular disc. For example, above you can see A-Z tabs which work on shelves for either CDs or DVDs which are alphabetized.

If you’ve got small kids who’ve got their own CDs, I would seriously suggest separating out their music into its own storage area or organizer. (The same goes with DVDs, which I’ll discuss more below).

The reason is kids can’t organize well by many of these categories when they’re younger (three year olds can’t generally alphabetize!) and your categories will quickly get messed up and you’ll get frustrated if you keep them all together.  For both CDs and DVDs, we keep the family friendly stuff down low, and the Mom and Dad old fogey music and movies up higher, out of reach.

When going about the process of organizing your CDs (and DVDs too) a fundamental question you need to ask yourself up front is whether you will keep them in their jewel cases or not, and if not, will you keep the jewel cases in storage or throw them away?

The answers to these questions will impact how much room is needed to house your collection, and also what types of storage solutions you’ll use in your home.

There are pros and cons to about any decision you make, and I’ll list some of them I’ve encountered so you can make an informed decision.
You can keep the liner notes, and list of songs, along with the cover art, all together easily.

The cases can protect the discs from scratches better than some other storage methods, especially if you’re rough on the discs as you transport them around.

There are good reason to get rid of jewel cases They take up quite a bit more room than just the disc itself, significantly increasing the amount of space needed to store your collection of music or movies.

If you keep the cases, but not with your CDs, you’ve still got to find a place to store them. If you throw away the jewel cases and then change your mind, or decide to sell or donate the disc, it will not have its original case and perhaps not all of the liner and other information contained in the original jewel case.

The final step in the CD and DVD Storage and Organization Challenge is to make sure you gather up in one safe location all of your family videos and DVDs, and other such keepsakes. These shouldn’t be scattered throughout the house in several storage locations, but instead should be kept all together.

For example, they don’t make video tapes anymore, so how much longer, if at all, will they be making VCRs? Once you’ve got everything gathered together take the time to label and date (with proximity if necessary) the collection and get it roughly in chronological order.

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