Compact Discs Remain The Basic Calling Card For Every Musician

Rupert Hine (born 1947 in London) is an English musician, songwriter and record producer, having produced albums for artists including Kevin Ayers, Tina Turner, Howard Jones, Saga, The Fixx, Bob Geldof, Thompson Twins, Stevie Nicks, Chris de Burgh, Suzanne Vega, Rush, Underworld, Duncan Sheik and others. In addition, Hine has recorded eleven albums, including ones billed under his own name, the pseudo-band name Thinkman, and with the group Quantum Jump.

Rupert Hine explained the enduring appeal of CDs this way: “People love to collect things. Make a beautiful object, and they will want it.” As collectors, we get a special thrill from acquiring beautiful physical objects like books, magazines, stamps, paintings, etc. The gorgeous artwork and packaging of a well-designed CD make it collectable, too.

Compact discs remain the basic calling card and selling tool for every musician. So why is the CD still so important, when online forms of music are so convenient and popular as well?

For a more technical explanation, Jupiter Research has noted that music lovers know they can buy a physical CD for their collection, use it as the source for ripping music to an iPod, and still hold on to it as a full resolution backup in case anything goes wrong or the digital format du jour changes yet again.

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