Storage Tip for Digital Photos and Videos: Archival Grade Gold DVDs


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By Alex Judge, Everpresent, (a MAM-A partner)

At EverPresent, our mission is to digitally convert and preserve the sights and sounds of the past. We have clients bring us treasured family memories that they are looking to secure in digital formats for both preservation and to make it easy to share with loved ones. Every day we scan beat up scrapbooks that have been in the family for generations, or transfer film reels that have spent 60 years in a box in an attic or basement. Each client brings in a unique family story to go along with their collection.

It’s a testament to the caring touch of our clients that these formats have made it through the years, and it underscores the importance of transferring these items to a digital format that will similarly stand the test of time, so that the converted digital copies can be passed along through generations, just as the originals have been. Too often we hear word from our clients who have had a hard drive crash or a DVD scratched beyond repair. These folks are skeptical of the durability of transferring over to digital formats, and rightfully so. While digitizing definitely makes these memories easy to share with loved ones in the moment, it’s equally important to ensure that digital files are stored in a durable way in order to pass the memories from generation to generation.

Why Gold DVDs Matter

This is why we offer true Archival quality Gold DVDs to our clients. These DVDs are actually created from 24 karat gold–thin layers prevent corrosion over time, compared to other silver discs. An additional hard coating renders the DVDs virtually impervious to inadvertent smudges and scratches. With the DVDs rated for more than 80 years, clients can be assured that their converted video tapes, slides, photos and film reels will be preserved long into the future. Another benefit to DVD storage in general is that the data can’t be changed or erased once we burn it to the DVD, which eliminates any accidental file deletion.

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Beyond offering Gold DVDs to clients looking to scan and preserve their treasured 35mm wedding negatives or transfer their 16mm film reels to a more secure digital format, Gold DVDs also play an integral part in the backup service we offer to our own clients. When folks want us to help them out with backing up their digital collections, we burn everything to a Gold DVD in addition to keeping it on our servers. This plays a dual role of keeping it safe as well as creating a separate record of the files in case anything happens with the first.

Archival grade Gold DVDs from MAM-A have created incredible value for our clients. Providing a high quality device is the perfect complement to our personalized service and attention to detail. It plays a huge role in our clients trusting us with their precious memories, and it’s a big relief to know that the memories will be safe long after they have been converted into digital formats.

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