Businessman Donating 3D Printer to Students

Source: Kansas City Star
Juneau, Alaska
Students in Heather Ridgway’s advanced 3D design class atJuneau’s Thunder Mountain High School soon will be able to print out their handiwork.¬†Western Auto Marine general manager John Weedman plans to donate a 3D printer to Ridgway’s classroom after Christmas.

Weedman said he recently bought two 3D printers at a trade show but decided he didn’t need both for the business. He said he thought a school would be a good place to donate one.¬†“I thought it would be a neat thing for the kids to be able to design projects and make the projects,” he told the Juneau Empire. He’s been having some fun himself, printing things like luggage tags, a tiny race car and a skull.

The printers churn out working plastic parts using special computer files. Ridgway’s students design their projects with computer programs and only get to view them on their screens. With the printer, “if you do a good job and you complete it and you know it’s a good file, we’ll print it,” she said.

The teacher is particularly excited to see the printer used for jewelry design, since the students can then wear their pieces.

Ridgway said the school’s Robotics Club also will be using the printe
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